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Fintech & Wealthtech

Fintech & Wealthtech
Convergency Partners works with early and mid-stage fintech and wealthtech firms that aspire to become critical players in the industry or to be acquired by an existing market leader.
We understand the problems wealth and asset managers are looking to solve with technology. Leveraging this knowledge and combining it with our network, we build bridges between innovators and enterprises with the goal of driving growth for all parties involved.
How we help fintech and wealthtech firms accelerate growth

Strategic Positioning

Leverage our knowledge and experience to enhance existing go-to-market plans, product attributes, and product roadmaps. We understand the pain points in the industry than can be solved with technology and will work with you to optimize your offering and messaging for the desired target clients.

Business Development

After working with you to optimize strategic positioning, we will partner to drive growth by building connections with key executives at potential clients.

We remain deeply involved in all stages, from introduction to closing the sale to driving advisor adoption, while delivering messages to the right people at the right time.

Forming an Industry Solution

We use our voice in the industry to continuously advocate for the solutions we believe will transform wealth and asset management, sharing our perspective with senior executives across the industry looking for innovation.

Investor Relations

We help our clients identify and connect to the right financial sponsors for their business as well as prepare their business for the scrutiny of a professional investment firm. We understand this process and have relationships with many potential investors focused in fintech and wealthtech.

Advisory Board Development

Creating a strong advisory board is a key pillar for success to many of our clients. We assist in both recruiting impactful executives from our network as well as providing guidance in how to manage the advisory board to make full use of it. In the right situations, we can also serve on advisory boards or become board members.

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