Investment Manager Advisory

Investment Manager Advisory
Convergency Partners works with large, mid-sized and boutique investment firms across the full spectrum of investment styles.
We have lived the challenges this industry faces, serving in top roles at some of the space’s most respected brand names. We use that insight to help companies navigate the path to innovation.
Some of our services include:

Growth Strategy

We work with both traditional and alternative managers to develop, validate, execute and support growth strategies and initiatives in wealth management and institutional client segments.

Product Strategy

Using our insight as senior executives, we help our clients uncover hidden opportunities to drive product growth. We advise from both an operational and a sales perspective, identifying opportunities to adjust the product to align more closely with the needs of buyers and targeting the message to reflect their concerns and pain points.

We also offer product review and rationalization, helping companies hone their focus to the offering that will put them on the path to growth.

Partnership Strategy

We work with our clients to help identify and engage strategic distribution partners that will help them grow. We find the optimal fit, align objectives and assist in negotiating the right deal structures.


For boutique investment managers looking for an acquirer, we can help identify potential buyers as well as work with them in preparation for due diligence. We use our experience to bring perspective on what a potential buyer will be looking for and help our clients take steps to prepare their company for merger or sale.

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